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Three exciting days in Asia…

Three exciting days in Asia…

I look back at an, again, exciting event with tech surprises in #horticulture.

I look back at an, again, exciting event with tech surprises in #horticulture. 

After my own talk about the state of the #hortitech industry on day one,

Darryn Keiller (Autogrow, NZ) showed me an example of how Amazon’s Alexa can help the grower with controlling the greenhouse.
This was something new for many of us. Bruno Libbrecht (Bayer Crop Science, US) showed his vision on how the input industry works on the opportunities
for a durable supply chain. Lastly, August de Vocht (NoFoodWasted, NL) addressed the issue that a lot of the waste is created in the last part of the supply chain, namely the fridge… 


On the second day, we were lucky enough to have two leading ladies in #marketing in #fresh #produce in a #digital world. Lisa Cork

(Fresh Produce Marketing, NZ) kicked off the day by showing us how badly the industry uses the online world. Then 
Jacquelien Brussee Postigo ??? (Labbrand, China) added more to this by showing us the opportunities our brands could
have as a platform brand. Finally, Julian Sin (GS! Hong Kong, China) showed great opportunities on how labels can improve supply chain visibility. 


On the last day of the event, we went into another direction. We had a look at the possibilities for #ai #artificial #intelligence

in the fresh produce. Ronald Hoek (AgroEnergy, NL) took us to the question about whether #autonomous #growing is possible, and yes it can! His growth model on this is food for the brain.
Then Mihai Ciobanu (Fresh4Cast, UK) got into depth on #ai in the supply. She told us that there are great opportunities for this, but the question is: do you have your #data and #dataquality in control?
We finalized this year’s event with a discussion about whether we should make a change with our thinking from developing tech for crops to crops for tech. 


Thanks to all the speakers for challenging talks. Did you miss out on the event? All the presentations are online now at our website:


Harrij Schmeitz 

Chairman Smart Horticulture Asia

Ps. Do you want to keep posted on Smart Horticulture? Follow our LinkedIn Group.

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Find the presentations online now!

Find the presentations of Smart Horticulture Asia online now! 

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Smart technology in horticulture

Smart technology in horticulture

During Smart Horticulture, we are also going to discuss the challenge for Smart technology in horticulture. Read a preview here 👇

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Smart Horticulture is coming closer and closer

Smart Horticulture is coming closer and closer

Since SHA is coming closer and closer, you might want to learn more about some of our speakers. Read the article here with and Ronald Hoek

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SMART HORTICULTURE 2019 will continue during 4-6 sep 2019

Today, Tuesday 20 August 2019, we announce our final decision to continue with ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019 on 4-6 September 2019 as planned, with Asiafruit Congress on 3 September 2019.

As you are aware, the situation in Hong Kong continues to be challenging and developments are very hard to foresee. Nevertheless, we are confident that we together will hold a fruitful ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA. 

Please also be informed about the ten things you can easily do to be as safe as possible in Hong Kong: 

  1. pay close attention to flight information (both inbound and outbound flights), 
  2. exercise increased caution, 
  3. avoid large public gatherings, 
  4. inform yourself about local traffic situation as possible temporary road closures
    and disruptions on public transport may happen, 
  5. hence follow the advice of local authorities,
  6. monitor local media,
  7. don’t wear black or white shirts,
  8. keep your passport with you, 
  9. make hotel arrangements near the AsiaWorld Expo centre
  10. and follow ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA updates on our website and social media channels.


ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA is the surest sign of a bright and confident future for the fresh fruit and vegetable business in Asia.  And the business that you and many thousands of other companies have generated at ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA underlines the importance of Hong Kong to our common future.

We look forward to seeing you at ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA and SMART HORTICULTURE ASIA in Hong Kong on 4-6 September 2019. 

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E-commerce, investment and the cold chain

E-commerce, investment and the cold chain

On the Cool Logistics Asia Forum at the Asia Fruit Logistica this year, there is also a lot of attention on the impact of e-commerce on logistics. 


The second day, Sep 5th, after the SHA session on SMART MARKETING in a digital arena the CLASS–program focusses on E-commerce and Logistics.


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Smart Horticulture Asia interview: Jacquelien Brussee

Smart Horticulture Asia interview: Jacquelien Brussee

Ahead of her appearance as an expert speaker at Smart Horticulture Asia in Hong Kong, Jacquelien talks exclusively to Fruitnet. Read the article here

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